Reflective Accessories

Added Visibility, Added Safety

What Makes Our Accessories Outstanding?

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360° Visible

EN 13356 compliant LED band ensures maximum visibility in all directions.

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Perfect for enhancing workplace safety as well as night running & cycling safety.

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Premium elastic allows for easy adjustment around a T-shirt or jacket.

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Customizable, including size, color, graphic design and package.

3M PVC Electrical Tapes

All of our reflective LED bands are made with 3M PCV electrical tapes, which boast a higher reflectivity (up to 800 cd/lx/m2) compared to the inferior reflective tapes (150-200 cd/lx/m2).

The result is a highly-visible accessory that makes night runners and cyclists conspicuous and safer in low light conditions.

3m pvc electrical tapes

EMC & REACH Compliant LEDs

All LED lights used in manufacturing our reflective accessories meet the stringent EMC and REACH standards.

And to ensure the durability of LEDs, we carry out electronic tests to ensure their performance & compliance with safety requirements in our factory.

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