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Test-Proven Reflective Tapes

Quality of reflective tapes is not negotiable when life is at risk.

All reflective tapes from our trusted suppliers, including 3M, have passed relevant safety requirements and standards.

Moreover, they're tested in the state-of-the-art laboratory of our suppliers on various factors like abrasion, flexibility, tensile strength, temperature variation, washing cycle and impact of rainfall and spatter on the reflectivity.


An Effective Way To Consistent Quality

automatic cutting machine

Automatic Cutting Machine ensures maximum precision in every size & everything we make.

high frequency pvc welding machine

High-Frequency PVC Welding Machine allows the reflective tapes to be secured firmly in an eye-pleasing way.

computerized sewing machine

Computerized Sewing Machine makes the sewing quality of reflective trims & Velcros consistent.


Dedicated To Every Thread

All safety garments seem the same at first glance. The intrinsic differences lie in every thread, every seam, and every detail.

From cutting to sewing, we take every detail seriously to make sure everything we make is durable enough for the toughest conditions.

Half of the tailors have worked with us for more than 10 years. The rich experience they have accumulated means that everything you receive will be of premium quality.

safety clothing production   sewing
led testing
safety clothing inspection

Final Inspection

Pursuit of Perfection

Inspection doesn't mean the work isn't done carefully. Quite the opposite, inspection makes it perfect.

A detailed inspection will be carried out after production by our experienced tailors to ensure:

  • Correctly sewn reflective tapes
  • No uncut threads

Every reflective accessory is also carefully checked before packing. The LED wristband is required to undergo an electronic test to ensure its performance & compliance with safety requirements.

Test Reports

Quality Trusted By Authorized Organizations

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