100% Customizable

Custom Options

safety vest03
  • Reflective tape colors:: Silver & grey (All Pantone colors for PVC type)
  • Both zipper & Velcro closures available
  • Optional utility pockets
  • Custom printing solutions for text, logo & other graphics anywhere on the vest
  • Optional PVC pocket for employee cards
  • Available fabric colors:fluorescent yellow/ orange/ green

Our Customization Capabilities

Bespoke Design Drawing

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At Rickyfree, we believe that design should be tailored to the problems at hand.

Whether you want to fine-tune our existing designs or customize a new one for any unique situation, our experienced designers can help you come up with a proper solution.

As part of our customized service, we can provide our client with a design drawing so modifications could be made to polish the idea before sampling.

bespoke design drawing

Mould Design Capabilities

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Our approach to customization is flexible thanks to our in-house mould design capabilities.

This means that we can make PVC graphic for hi-vis garments or accessories in any shapes and for any needs.

Our strong mould design capabilities also allow us to come up with custom solutions in a more efficient way thus reducing your lead time.

pvc tooling design

Custom Package

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Want to receive products in your custom brand package?

Rickyfree takes into consideration every detail of your custom needs, including packaging.

We offer multiple packing solutions from blister pack to the plastic bag. We also provide printing service for the logo and custom package so your products are ready to sell with your brand name as soon as you receive them.

custom package